farmCam IP is a versatile IP camera for outdoor and farming use.

  • Make sure the farmCam IP camera is operating with sufficient internet bandwidth, 1Mbps (upload/download speed) is suggested.
  • For best performance, the smart-mobile device(s) need to be on Wi-Fi or 4G mobile network in order to receive maximum download speed.
  • When the internet transmission is low, the app will automatically switch to Relay Mode:
    • Adjusting to “Better Streaming” in the system setting section may improve the app performance.
  • Your internet bandwidth is limited. For best performance, try to avoid more than two users connecting to the camera simultaneously.
  • Make sure your smart-mobile device(s) is equipped with up-to-date technology, 1.5GHz dual core processor or equivalent is suggested.
  • If the signal strength of your Wi-Fi router is weak, there are several ways to improve transmission:
    • Change router/camera relative position to receive better signal.
    • Use an Ethernet cable on the camera to establish connection between the camera and your router.
    • Use a Wi-Fi repeater/extender to maximize the service range of your Wi-Fi route.
    • Switch your router to 11b/11g mode in order to improve router service range.
    • Purchase an extension cable or high gain antenna for your camera from the LUDA Elektronik AB.
  • Please make sure the memory card used is CLASS 10 rated.