Basic installation of the camera in the phone/tablet app – hotspot mode for local use

In hotspot mode the camera will create its own wireless network. You do not need a router, but the camera range will be limited so you will not be able to see the camera image if you are too far away. The distance will vary depending on the environment and obstacles, but you should not expect more than 50 meters range.

The camera will automatically be in hotspot mode in its default settings. If the camera has been connected to a router previously, reset it by pressing the reset button on the power cable for about 5 seconds until the red LED starts flashing.

  1. Download the farmCam app from AppStore or Google Play. The app is currently only available for iOS and Android.
  2. Connect the camera to the power supply.
  3. Wait approximately 45 seconds for the camera to boot up. The red light should have a steady light and the green light should flash with one long and two short flashes.
  4. Go to the WiFi settings in your phone/tablet and select the camera network. It is called HD-xxxxxx where xxxxxx are the six middle digits in the camera device ID. This is found on the label attached to the underside of the camera housing.
  5. Enter the password 12345678 to connect to the wifi network.
  6. Open the farmCam app and tap the Add camera symbol.
  7. Tap Search, select the camera in the list and tap Join.
    Foto 2015-03-31 15 14 08          Foto 2015-03-31 15 14 21
  8. Enter your selected system name and the security code. The default code is 123456, and you will be prompted to change it. No special characters such as å,ä,ö,#,& and similar can be used. NOTE: Write down the new code! If you lose the code you will need to reset the camera by pressing and holding the cable button for a few seconds. The password and all other settings will then revert to default.
    Foto 2015-03-31 15 15 08
  9. Tap Save
  10. You will now come back to the main page where you can view all installed cameras. To view live pictures, tap the camera picture. If the camera has not transmitted an image, the Connected icon below is shown. In that case, tap the icon and you will see the camera feed.