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Adding a camera

Up to four cameras can be connected to the liftCam Pro monitor. The camera included in the liftCam Pro system will be default paired to Channel 1.

Do not power up the camera at this stage. On the monitor, use the arrow buttons to select the channel you wish to use for your new camera. The channel is shown in the top left corner.


Press the circular button to access the menu. NOTE: Do not press and hold – this will turn the monitor off. Use the arrows to navigate to the Add Camera icon.


The active icon is indicated with white. Press the square to enter the option. You will now see a text “Pairing Start” and a countdown. Power up the camera and it should automatically find the monitor and allocate itself to the selected channel. If the camera image does not show up automatically, use a pen or paper clip and press the internal button marked with “PAIR” on the back side of the camera, close to the antenna connection. This must be done within the countdown.

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How to start

The liftCam Pro system is very easy to handle.

  1. Make sure the camera and the monitor are safely fastened and connected to power sources. The monitor’s red LED will be lit when it is connected to power.
  2. The camera will automatically be on when the power is connected – there is no power switch.
  3. The monitor is switched on by pressing and holding the circular power button for approximately 3 seconds. The camera should appear automatically on Channel 1. Otherwise, please go to the “Adding a camera” section.



Select the correct power cable depending on how the monitor will be powered and connect it to the monitor cable.

If the monitor is to be powered directly from the vehicle electrical system, connect the black wire to ground and the red wire to the positive pole of the electrical system. When the white wire is connected to the positive wire of the back-up light, the monitor automatically switches to Channel 4 when the back-up light is turned on. It is not necessary to connect the white wire if this function will not be used.

If the monitor is to be powered via the 12V power outlet/cigarette outlet, simply insert the adapter into the outlet.

Fasten the fan shaped monitor stand to the forklift truck, and then fasten the monitor to the stand.



Connect the camera to the FlexiPack and place the camera and battery on the intended location. NOTE: The FlexiPack will start powering the camera immediately when connected. If left connected when not in use, the battery will become discharged.

If the camera is to be powered directly from the vehicle electrical system, fasten the camera bracket securely at the intended location. Use the extension camera power cable and connect the black wire to ground and the red wire to the positive pole of the electrical system.

How the system works

The liftCam Pro is a wireless surveillance system specifically designed for forklift trucks. The camera transmits the image via the antenna to the monitor. The camera can be powered from the 12V FlexiPack X battery or from the 12-24 VDC vehicle electrical system. The monitor is powered directly from the vehicle electrical system or via the 12V power outlet/cigarette outlet. The camera or monitor does not have wifi or internet capabilities.

Spare parts and accessories

All parts included in the liftCam Pro are available as spares, please see the “What is included” section.

There are also a number of accessories to the liftCam Pro system:


Extra camera (art. no. 1058)


Magnetic antenna (art. no. 5027)

Sun shield

Monitor sun shield (art. no. 7023)

Dual suction bracket

Suction bracket (art. no. 7020)

What is included in your liftCam Pro box

Your liftCam Pro solution includes the following products:

liftCam Pro camera (art. no. 2009)

liftCam Pro monitor (art. no. 3010)

No image available

Tall bracket (art. no. 7032)


Fan shaped stand (art. no. 7022)


Flexi Pack X (art. no. 1047)


3 dBi camera antenna (art. no. 5025)


5 dBi monitor antenna (art. no. 5026)

cable for camera

Camera power cable (art. no. 6043)

direct power cable

Direct power cable for the monitor (art. no. 6042)


Please make sure that all products are included in your package.