MachineCam Mini

Download Quick Install Guide here (PDF, 1.2 MB)


Safety precautions/Important information
What is included in your MachineCam Mini box
The camera functions and parts
The monitor functions and parts
Planning the placement of camera & monitor
Installation of the monitor
Installation of the camera
Using extra cameras
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The products of LUDA.Farm AB operate on the 2,4 GHz frequency. The product is CE-certified which means that it fulfils all established rules and demands for usage within the EU. The CE certification further implies that the radiation level is below the established radiation levels stated in the EMC directive 89/336/EEC and R&TTE directive (1999/5/EC).

Before you start reading about the installation of your MachineCam Mini-solution we ask you to read through Safety precautions / Important information below.

Safety precautions/Important information

Always use the correct power adaptor for each product.
The products will be damaged if they are supplied with wrong voltage!

Read the whole user guide before you start installing your MachineCam Mini-solution.

Do not use the products in the following places:

Do not use the products in hospitals since they might interfere with sensitive equipment.
Do not use the products on-board airplanes since they might interfere with sensitive equipment.
Do not use the products in a way that might violate others’ integrity.

  • Always follow the laws and legislations that apply in your country.
  • Do not leave plastic packaging material near children to avoid the risk of suffocation.
  • Do not lift the camera or the LCD-monitor in the antenna.
  • If you use several cameras within the same area, place the cameras in a way that allows the signals to reach the receiver from different angles.

LUDA.Farm AB resigns all responsibility that might occur from abuse or incorrect usage of the products. Always follow the instructions in this User Guide.

Do not use while operating your vehicle!

What is included in your MachineCam Mini box

Your MachineCam Mini solution includes the following products:

1x Camera (Art. no 2006)
1x Monitor. (Art. no 3006)
2x small antenna (Art. no 5019)
1x monitor windscreen suction bracket ( 7015)
1x 12V Automobile adapter for monitor (Art. no 6034)
1x Direct power cable kit for monitor (Art. no 6035)

Please make sure that all products are included in your package and that all products are marked with their respective article number.

In the following chapters we will explain some of the items included more in detail.

The camera functions and parts

The camera can be angled in different positions depending on where it is being mounted. Loosen and/or move the adjustment screws until desired angle is achieved. It can be mounted anywhere where there is access to a power source within a 3m distance.

The monitor functions and parts

Menu on/off click “MENU”

Step up/down in menu, click arrow up/arrow down

Power on, press and hold the button in the bottom on the left side

Change channel by clicking PAIR/CH

Pair camera by pressing and holding PAIR/CH, see chapter Using extra cameras


  • Contrast
  • Brightness
  • Saturation
  • Language
  • Reset
    • Yes/No

Planning the placement of camera & monitor

The illustration above is an example on how to mount your camera and monitor. Due to the length of the camera power cable, the camera should be placed at a maximum of 3 meters of a suitable power source. The monitor power cable is 3 m long.

At a free line of sight the range between the camera and monitor is up to 150m. However, all vehicles are different so please try out the signal quality before mounting the items permanently.


The 2,4 GHz frequency signals are sent as radio waves in the air. The waves can penetrate most objects or bounce around them. However, the signals loose strength at every obstacle (windows, walls etc.) they need to penetrate. If trying to penetrate metal, the signal strength will be substantially reduced.

Installation of the monitor

  1. Mount the monitor foot and attach the monitor. Make sure everything is properly fitted and steady.
  2. Connect the cigarette adapter to the cigarette lighter socket (6-24V) and to the monitor’s power connection. You can also connect the monitor directly using the alternative cable.
  3. Turn on the ignition to power up the monitor. If it doesn’t start up automatically, press the power button. Since the camera is not yet installed no image will show up on the screen at this point.
  4. Turn off the monitor and continue with the installation of the camera.

Installation of the camera

When installing the camera, especially trying out the correct positioning of the camera, we recommended getting help from a second person. One person holds the camera in place and the other views the monitor, until the correct angle is achieved.


Sometimes the power source is not strong enough to feed the camera with enough power. If you experience this we suggest you try another power source.

If you run into problems with the installation, go to the Troubleshooting chapter.

Using extra cameras

You can use up to 3 additional cameras with your MachineCam Mini solution. We recommend that you pair the camera with your monitor before mounting it on your machine.

Pairing camera and monitor

  1. Connect the camera to a power source according to the instructions in on page 7.
  2. On the monitor, click the PAIR/CH button and go to the channel where you wish to install your camera.
  3. Press and hold the PAIR/CH button until the numbers start counting down.
  4. Within the 60 second countdown, press and hold the button on the back of the camera until the text “SAVE DATA” is shown.
  5. Mount the camera in the desired position after making sure the signal strength is good enough.

Switching between the cameras on the monitor


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is the signal between the camera and the receiver encrypted?
  2. What does a clear “line of sight” mean?
    A clear line of sight means that no objects (walls, trees etc.) can be found between the camera and the receiver. Metal substantially weakens the signal.
  3. Why does the signal quality decrease when the camera or LCD-monitor is in motion?
    When driving, some interference might appear in the picture. This is due to the fact that the signal to the receiver is constantly transmitted from different angles. This is considered normal when transmitting wirelessly.
  4. Is the camera water resistant?
    The camera in your MachineCam Mini-solution is classed as IP66. This means that the camera is well protected from both dust and humidity. It is capable of being placed outside when raining or in damp environments.
  5. Can I hear sound from the camera?
    No, the camera does not have a microphone.
  6. What do I do if I have bad reception on the LCD-monitor?
    Start by reading through the Troubleshooting chapter. Temporary interference is considered normal in wireless transmissions.
  7. Further questions?
    If troubleshooting doesn’t help, please contact your local retail shop.


The purpose of this chapter is to systematically go through all possible errors that might have occurred during the installation. Follow the scheme below to locate the problem in your installation.

The monitor is considered working if the On/Off button is lit up, and the menu choices can be seen.

Trouble Possible Error Action
No picture at all (black) The monitor is not switched on. Turn the monitor on with the On/Off (power) button.
The monitor does not have power connected to it. Start the engine to make sure the cigarette lighter socket is supplying power.
Make sure the cigarette adapter is pushed all the way in the socket (the red LED is lit up on the cigarette adapter).
Make sure the other end of the cigarette adapter is connected to the monitor.
Make sure the cigarette adapter button is pressed.
No picture (No signal) No antenna on the camera. Make sure the black antenna is mounted on the back of the camera and that it is tightly fastened.
Incorrect channel chosen. Choose the channel on the monitor.
The camera is supplied with power (the IRLEDs glow in the dark) but you still receive no signal. Make sure that the antenna is thoroughly attached to the back of the camera, pair the camera and monitor.
The camera is not supplied with power (the IR-LEDs do not glow in the dark). Make sure the machine engine is running to provide power to the outlet.
The power source is not capable of supplying enough power. Make sure that the joints are carefully put together. Further, make sure that the power cable is not broken or pinched.
The signal is not good enough. Angle the camera’s antenna differently or place the camera differently.
Black & white picture Pale colors or black & white picture. In dark conditions the IR-LEDs will automatically switch on and this results in pale colors. In pitch black surroundings the picture will become black & white.